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Applying for a fast cash loan is easy and quick. In less than 5 minutes you can apply for a Cash Today loan amount up to $5000.


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Once your application is submitted, our team can approve your short term loan quickly. You’ll get a decision within hours instead of days.

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Once you’ve been approved we will deposit the money into your bank account the same evening if your application was made before 2pm.

Looking for payday loans online in Australia for amounts up to $5000?

Consider one of our SAAC loans of $1000 to $2000, or MAAC loans of $2100 – $5000. 

While we have moved away from payday loans or small payday loans, our online SAAC and MAAC loans are processed just as quickly with same-day payments once approved.

Need money today? Don’t want mountains of paperwork, and long application processes.

Our fast online loans could be just what you’ve been looking for. 

Comparison: Payday Loans vs. SAAC/MAAC Loans


Feature Payday loan SAAC/MAAC Loan
Cost Higher fees (establishment fees, ongoing fees, administration charges) Lower fees/interest rates
Repayment Term Short (e.g. 2-5 weeks) Longer (months)
Lending Practices Less stringent Responsible lending practices
Additional Benefits None Options for flexible repayments and fee waivers in cases of hardship
Regulation Regulated, but fewer customer protections. Regulated under the National Consumer Credit Protection Act (2009)

At a glance

Simple loan rates & fees


See our simple rates and fees below, and then view more information about rates & fees to work out repayments and total costs for different amounts and terms .

*Please note that the figures shown are indicative only and may not include all fees and charges. All applications are subject to assessment. 


Find out how likely you are to qualify for our lower rate loans.

Healthier financial history = access to lower loan rates

  • Our competitive personal loan rates are between 7.24% – 19.99% p.a. and our urgent loans are between 19% and 48% p.a.
  • The loan rate that you are offered will be dependent on your individual circumstances, loan amount, and the type of loan
    • For example, a secured car loan is likely to have lower rates than an unsecured loan with a vague purpose

Am I eligible for a loan?

If you want to understand whether you are able to be approved for a loan, there are a few things to consider.

Loan requirements

  • Proof of Australian residency (utility bill) and regular income
  • Driver’s license or other identification (over 18 years of age)
  • A read-only 90-day bank statement (via online bank verification)
  • Credit check
  • Repayment affordability can be established
  • No direct debit dishonour transactions in bank statements

Credit check

Credit history

A history of responsible borrowing shows that you’ve paid your bills on time and haven’t maxed out any credit cards.

Credit score

A good credit score is a strong indicator of your creditworthiness and could mean that you are eligible for loans with lower interest rates than another applicant with a less favourable credit score.

Debt-to-income ratio (DTI)

If you have a low debt-to-income ratio (DTI) this is the best position to be in for getting approved for a loan. A great debt-to-income ratio is 3.6 (36%) or less.

The higher your debt-to-income ratio, the less likely you are to be approved. That’s because you will be making repayments on your existing debt, and have less available funds to comfortably make repayments on a new loan. A debt-to-income ratio of 6.0 (60%) or higher is considered risky for lenders.

How to calculate your debt-to-income ratio 

Debt-to-income ratio = Total debt divided by total annual gross income

This can be expressed as a number or a percentage.


Debt-to-income ratio calculator


Loan amount and purpose

The amount you’re borrowing and what you’ll be using it for can also affect your approval odds.

Generally, smaller loans for specific purposes (like a car repair) are easier to get approved for than large loans with a vague purpose.


Some loans, especially larger loans such as home renovation loans or car loans, require collateral. This is an asset the lender can seize if you default on the loan.

Having collateral can improve your chances of getting approved, especially if your credit score isn’t perfect. In some cases it can also qualify you for lower loan rates.

Income and employment

If you have stable full time employemt with income that would allow you to comfortably repay a loan, this makes you most likely to be approved for a loan.

It is still possible to be approved for a loan with part-time employment if your regular expenses are lower and affordability can be established.

Other forms of supplementary income are also considered such as government benefits.

Your total income amount, your employment history, and any other sources of income will be taken into consideration when making an approval decision on a loan application.

Responsible lending

Understanding your individual circumstances

At Cash Today, we understand that unexpected expenses can arise. While we’re here to help you access the cash you need quickly, we’re committed to responsible lending practices.  This means we take the time to assess your individual circumstances before offering a loan. 

Prioritising your financial well-being

We prioritise your financial well-being and want to ensure you can comfortably manage repayments. We also offer clear and transparent loan terms so you understand the full cost upfront. If alternative solutions like payment extensions or budgeting tools can better address your situation, we’ll be happy to point you in those directions.

Lower rates reward good track records

If you can demonstrate a strong financial track record you are more likely to get approved for personal loans and qualify for lower loan rates. If your income compared to your ongoing expenses shows that you have the ability to comfortably afford higher loan repayments you may be able to get approved for higher loan amounts. 

Preventing financial stress 

In the event that your financial history reflects more unstable income, a poor credit rating, or a high debt-to-income ratio, your application may be declined if it is determined that repaying the loan would not be affordable and result in further financial hardship for you. 

You may only be approved for smaller loan amounts with lower repayments, and you may not qualify for lower rate loans and need to carefully decide whether you are willing and able to accept paying higher rates for the loan.

Protecting your future 

It’s important to note that even if you can comfortably afford repayments, your application might not be approved. This is because we assess your financial history to ensure responsible lending. We want to avoid situations where the loan could negatively impact your long-term financial health. This includes missed payments that could damage your credit score and make it harder to access future loans.

Disqualifying conditions

If you display one or more of the following loan disqualifying conditions you are not currently eligible for a Cash Today loan. 

  • Opened a personal loan in the last 90 days
  • Already has two or more payday loans under $2000
  • Bank statements in the last 90 days display transactions for online gambling
  • Bank statements show payments made to collection companies, payment arrears, or dishonours in the last 90 days
  • Bank statements show wage advances such as Wagetap, Wagepay, MyPayFast, Beforepay, in the last 90 days
  • Bankruptcy

You should consider seeking alternative options for financial assistance, or delay applying until your 90 day financial history reflects that you are eligible to apply as well as able to comfortably afford repayments.

What is a Payday Loan?


Also known as a small amount loan, or a cash advance loan, it is a lending option that allows you to borrow loan amounts generally less than $2000-$5000. These same day cash loans can be payed back faster than a traditional personal loan. Amounts borrowed could be as small as $1000, and the duration of lending as little as 6-7 days. An example would be repaying the loan with your next pay cheque for smaller amounts. You may alternatively choose to spread the repayments over weeks or months for larger amounts. Different payday lenders can offer different fee structures, so it’s important that you understand clearly your repayment amounts and schedule, as well as the fees charged.

How are Cash Today online loans different to payday loans?

Casht Today offers SAAC loans, MAAC loans, and personal loans.

A Small Amount Credit Contract (SAAC) loan is a type of short-term loan product for up to $2000, repaid over a duration that is between 16 days and 12 months, and is regulated under the National Consumer Credit Protection Act since 2009.

A Medium Amount Credit Contract (MAAC) loan is a type of short-term loan product for amounts between $2001 and $5000, repaid over a duration that is between 16 days and 24 months, and is regulated under the National Consumer Credit Protection Act since 2009.

They differ from payday loans, as they are for higher loan amounts and can be repaid over longer periods, as opposed to being smaller loan amounts that are repaid within one or more pay cycles.


How do I repay the loan?

Cash Today are fully transparent with our fees and take responsible lending seriously. Our lending options have the simple fee structure of a 20% establishment fee plus 4% of the principle amount per month until the loan is repaid. This can assist you in making an informed decision about whether a payday advance is right for your individual circumstances. Your repayments will be made via automatic direct debit from your bank account, so you have the peace of mind that you’ll never forget a payment.


What is an emergency cash loan no credit check?

An emergency cash loan is a loan to help you to deal with an emergency requiring extra cash for an expense that you weren’t able to plan for. If you need this type of loan, you may not wish for a check to appear on your credit history. At Cash Today we don’t feel that it should have to impact your credit history if you have been hit with an expense you couldn’t predict. For this reason we are happy to be able to offer alternatives for meeting our lending criteria that can get you approved without a credit check for amounts less than $2000.

The Cash Today difference

Servicing thousands of satisfied customers since 2006, you can count on Cash Today to deliver your cash when you need it fast. Applying is so simple! In just a few minutes you can complete the online application form from your phone or desktop for payday loans no credit check. No filling out complicated paperwork or lengthy forms required! You’ll be provided with all the information that you need about the affordable repayments and fees. We make is so easy for you to make an informed decision that is right for you.

There’s a reason that Cash Today has been the lender of choice in offering quick cash for hundreds of return customers every year. With us, you’ll get real service from real people. We understand that you are not your credit rating. Cash Today can help you get money fast when you need it whether you have bad credit, prefer a no credit check application, or are receiving Centrelink payments.

Emergency cash loans no credit check

Have you gotten an unexpected bill? Are you dealing with an emergency or medical expense that you weren’t planning for? Has an opportunity has presented itself and you just can’t let it pass you by? A fast and easy online loan from Cash Today could get you the money you need, right when you need it. If you prefer not to have a credit check appear in your history, we can work with you on that too. payday loans no credit check, no problem.

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