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What is a cash loan?

A cash advance loan is a type of personal loan where you borrow an amount of money for the short term, to be repayed over time in instalments. Cash Today offers quick and easy loans up to $5000. You can apply online in just a few minutes, and if you apply before 2pm the funds can be in your bank account the same day.

How do I get a cash loan?

You can get a cash advance loan by completing a short online application. Choose the amount you would like to borrow with the repayments that work for you, and submit. You’ll get a response within hours instead of waiting days, and on approval you can get money paid into your bank account when you need it, often that same day.

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Like thousands of others since 2006, you can count on Cash Today for speedy funds to help out with an emergency, unexpected bill, or opportunity you just can’t miss!

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FAQ: Cash Loans from Cash Today

Do you offer cash loans online?

Cash Today payday lenders are happy to offer online loans for money paid fast to Australians. Speedy application processes, fast approval times, and same day cash payments into your bank account plus 100% transparent fees and affordable flexible repayments.

Looking for instant cash loans online?

You can be approved for a short term loan from Cash Today with instant bank transfers once your loan application has been approved. The process of releasing your loan amount to your takes just seconds, however depending on your banking institution there may be additional delays with transfer processing.

Instant cash loans online 24/7 Australia

Australians can apply for a payday loan from Cash Today any time, day or night, 24 hours a day. Your application will be assessed as quickly as possible and funds will be released to your banking institute with the click of a button once approved. Just check with your individual banking institute as transfer processing delays can occur once we have approved the loan amount transfer.

Quick cash loans online

Cash advance loans online are one of the quickest ways to get approved loan amounts under $5000. Our easy online application process can be done via phone, tablet, or computer and applying is so simple, taking less than 5 minutes. Quick cash and a simple cash advance loans all done online, with no lengthy paperwork or forms.

How to get a cash loan?

We pride ourselves on not only being a reliable lender, but offering Australian customers fast loans and fast approval. Simply complete our online application, and you could be approved and have the cash deposited to your bank account the same day if you made your application before 2pm AEST. You can also use our handy repayment calculator to check quickly how much your repayments will be if you are applying for extra cash with amounts less that $500.

Do you check my credit history?

We do take into consideration credit history usually, but if you would prefer not to have a credit check recorded in your credit history we are happy toaccommodate you and offer no credit check loans for smaller loan amounts. 

What’s the difference between a small loan and a cash advance loan?

A small loan could refer to any kind of personal loan for amounts under $500 and possibly a specific interest rate as well as other fees charged over the life of the loan, however a small cash advance loan is a small loan amount with set establishment and monthly fees to be repayed when your next paycheque comes in, or split over multiple pay cycles. It is a short term solution that offers cashflow when it’s needed, and designed to be repayed quickly. It’s extra cash for the short term, not a long 6, 12, or 24 month repayment schedule.