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Need a payday advance loan? 

Want an easy cash advance on your paycheque or small payday advance where the money is paid fast?

Need an advance on your pay today but hate paperwork and lengthy application processes?


Our quick and easy payday advance loans could be just what you are after. 

Searching for a quick cash advance loan with a simple online application process and fast approval turnaround? A Cash Today payday loan may be the solution you have been looking for if transparent fees, flexible repayments, and same-day approval processes are topping your list of priorities. We pride ourselves on having terms and conditions that are simple to understand and offering payday advance loans with no surprises.

Servicing thousands of payday advance customers since 2006, Cash Today can get you money when you need it fast. Applying couldn’t be simpler! Got a few minutes? Complete our online application on your phone, tablet, or PC and avoid filling out any complicated paperwork. We will provide you with all the details you need to make an informed decision that suits your individual circumstances.

Cash Today has been a trusted lender of choice for payday advance loans for 100’s of returning payday advance customers each year. You’ll find that we approach lending differently, offering real service by a team of real people. 

If an unexpected bill has taken you by surprise, you are facing emergency or medical expenses you weren’t expecting, or there’s simply a great opportunity that you can’t say no to, a fast and easy online payday advance loan from Cash Today could get you the cash you need when you need it.

Easy Secure Application

Applying for a payday advance loan is easy and fast. In less than 5 minutes you can apply for a Cash Today payday loan.


Fast Results

Submit your application, and our team can approve your payday advance loan quickly.  Get a decision in hours, not days.

Same Day Payments

Once your payday advance loan is approved we deposit the money into your bank account the same day for applications made before 2pm.

FAQ: Payday Advance Loans from Cash Today



Cash Today payday advance loans – Centrelink approved?

Payday advance loans for Centrelink income could be approved by Cash Today. We will carefully consider all forms of income in your application the affordability of repayments, and as a responsible lender, we make approval decisions if we assess that you can afford the repayments for your payday advance loan. Payday advance loans with Centrelink income, as well as another form of income such as part-time employment, are considered when we take into account the entire financial picture in making lending decisions.

Payday advance loans online?

Have you been wondering –  where can I get a payday advance? Payday advance loans online Australia are one of the simplest ways to get approved fast for payday advance amounts under $5000. An easy online application that you can complete on any device you have handy makes applying simple, and takes just a few minutes. An online application means payday advance loans – no paper bank statements required.

What are payday advance loans?

If you are looking for a payday advance loan, you might opt for one of our loan options for less than $2000. These can be useful if you just need a short term payday advance, in other words you need cash but you can likely repay the amount when your next paycheque comes in. These types of loans are most often used for an unexpected bill you weren’t expecting, for example, a trip to the dentist or a pet needing to go to the vet. What is the difference between an advance loan/payday loan? In simple terms, a payday advance loan is just that – a quick advance of a small amount of cash that will be repaid with your next paycheque, whereas a payday loan could be for a larger amount and repayments over several pay cycles.

Does Cash Today offer instant payday advance loans?

Once you have completed your application, our team works quickly to make a decision on your application, and if approved, the process of electronically depositing the money into your account uses instant bank transfer processes. Bank transfer delays may be applicable depending on which financial institution you bank with.

What are the best payday advance loans?

If you are considering how to choose a payday advance loan from the list of lenders available, check for upfront fees and no hidden costs, a solid reputation and positive reviews, plus an established track record as a responsible and reliable lender. Cash Today is so proud to have helped out Australians that cash fast right when they need it since 2006, and our loyal customers have submitted reviews saying that, in their opinion, we offer the best payday loans in Australia and the friendliest customer service.

We are completely transparent with our fee structure.

Do you provide same day payday advance loans?

Our easy payday advance loans have same day approval provided you complete your application before 2pm AEST. We know that fast payday advance loans are vital when you need money quickly, and we work hard to get you cash when you need it fast.

Quick payday advance loans?

The fastest way to get a payday advance loan is decide on the amount that you want to borrow, and use our simple repayment calculator above to check how much you would be repaying plus the fees you will be required to pay. You can also view our FAQ page to find out more if you require amounts over $1000 up to $5000. Once you’ve decided on an amount that you feel comfortable repaying, the application process takes less than 5 minutes, and you’ll get a decision via email within hours.