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About us


Cash Today is your gateway to Australia’s leading small loan and medium loan lenders. Our aim is to make borrowing easier and match you with a loan that you can afford and are most likely to be approved for.


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How it works


  • A quick and easy online application process (a few minutes)
  • You are matched with a loan in under a minute
  • Fast approval decisions
  • Guaranteed same-day payments for approved applicants, in some cases under 60 minutes*
  • Simple and transparent fee structure

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Finding the right loan for you


Cash Today customers get access to our extensive panel of lenders, and we search the market for the loan that is the best fit based on:

1: Loan amount

  • SACCs (Small Amount Credit Contract) up to $2000
  • MACCs (Medium Amount Credit Contract) up to $5000

2: Loan reason

  • Emergency loans
  • Medical loans
  • Vehicle purchase loans
  • Education expense loans
  • Holiday/travel loans
  • Veterinary loans
  • Home renovation/repair loans
  • Electronics/appliances loans

3: Special circumstances

  • No credit check loans
  • Bad credit loans
  • Centrelink loans
  • Government benefit loans
  • Part-time/casual employment loans
  • Guaranteed loans
  • Small loans under $500

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About us


Cash Today has been offering short-term credit contracts to Australians since 2006. We operate under the Australian Credit License No: 387137.

We are committed to offering easy loans quickly in line with the criteria for responsible lending and the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009. You can read more about this here.

Our aim

1: Ease short-term financial strain

Allow our customers to access a cash advance easily when they don’t have enough savings to pay for:

    1. Unexpected or one-off expenses
      • Repairs/replacement of items such as electronics, automotive, white goods
      • Moving expenses such as vehicle hire, cleaning, bond payments
      • Veterinary, dentist, specialist, or other medical expenses
      • Larger than expected bills such as electricity, phone/internet, water
    2. Purchases that would decrease future financial stress by reducing the total expenditure.
      Time-sensitive discounted items, sale items, special offers etc.
      • Equipment, tools, electronics, clothing, gifts
      • Flights, accommodation, experiences

2: Avoid extra financial strain

Offer information that helps potential applicants make an informed decision that is in their best interest

    1. Resources and tools for estimating affordability
      • Calculators and working examples to estimate repayment amounts and schedule
      • Complete transparency on loan amounts, no hidden fees or charges
    2. Information to help with getting approved for a loan
      • Resources to help applicants understand their chances of getting approved for a loan
      • Strategies for getting approved quicker and getting same payments
      • Alternatives to lending if an applicant is unlikely to be approved for a loan

    3: Avoid negative impacts on credit scores

    If an applicant applies for several payday loans with different lenders in a short period of time, this can negatively affect their credit rating. If a person feels financial pressure and needs emergency cash quickly, they may attempt to apply for a loan with more than one lender if their application has been unsuccessful. This could affect their chances of being approved for future loans.

    Different lenders may approve/decline applications based on their own internal criteria, as well as the criteria for responsible lending and the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009. It is important to choose to apply with a lender most likely to approve a loan, with internal lending criteria that match the applicant’s circumstances.

    Credit providers may decline an application based on loan type (SAAC/MAAC loan, unsecured loan), loan reason (e.g. repayment of other loans/debts), income type (government benefits such as Centrelink, casual, part-time employment), number of dependents, other active loans, no credit score or bad credit score etc.

    Some lenders may offer more flexibility with internal criteria but only for smaller loan amounts, such as less than $500, $1000, or $2000, depending on the circumstance.

    Cash Today aims to help applicants avoid negative impacts on credit scores via:

        • Matching applicants with a single lender selected from an extensive panel of lenders based on internal criteria indicated by the lender
        • Avoiding matching applicants with lenders unlikely to approve their application
        • Preventing multiple loan applications

      Easier lending for returning customers

      Cash Today returning customers can enjoy the same friendly and convenient service we have always offered, with easier approvals and access to same-day funds when we can see a history of demonstrated repayment affordability.


      Our editors

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