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Payday loans no credit checks

Do you need cash paid to you today?
Want to avoid a credit rating check?

We offer fast loans online.
Applying is quick, simple & confidential!
Payday loans no credit check in minutes

Updated 27/9/23

How much do you need to borrow?

Transparent fees and charges

Our loans have the following simple fee structure:

20% of principal amount (establishment fee)
+ 4% of principal amount per month

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Easy Secure Application

Step 1: Applying for a payday loan with no credit check is easy and fast. In less than 5 minutes you can apply for a Cash Today loan of up to $500.


Fast Results

Step 2: Once your application is submitted, our team can approve your payday loan quickly. You’ll get a decision within hours instead of days.

Same Day Payments

Step 3: Once you’ve been approved we will deposit the money into your bank account the same evening if your application was made before 2pm.

How we work to help you


What we can offer you is an easy and quick solution to your temporary cashflow setback:

  • Super clear fees & charges. You will know exactly what you’re paying from the very start.
  • A simple repayment schedule, and it’s all automated for you.
  • Real customer service from real people, and an understanding of your individual circumstances.
  • Fast application time (<5 mins), decision time (hours or less), and same day bank transfer (once you have been approved).

Calculate Your Repayments

Like thousands of others since 2006, you can count on Cash Today for speedy funds to help out with an emergency, unexpected bill, or opportunity you just can’t miss!

Weekly Repayments:

Establishment Fee:

Monthly Fee:

Frequently asked questions

How could a no credit check payday loan help me?


Sometimes you can find yourself needing cash fast through no fault of your own. Unexpected expenses, or the need for emergency savings can affect anyone at any time. Also, it’s not always simple to access your savings the same day. Alternatively, you may have to deal with multiple expenses in the same week. This could mean using up your emergency savings, leaving you short.

It’s also understandable that you may not wish for a credit check to appear on your credit history. You shouldn’t have to be affected negatively by a set of circumstances that were outside of your control. That’s why we offer short term loans with money paid the same day. Because we want to help you to get the cash you need fast, pay it back easily, and get back on track again.


What is a payday loan no credit check?


A payday loan no credit check is a type of loan that lets you avoid the longer waiting times of a regular personal loan. In addition, it’s generally for amounts borrowed that are less than $500. In addition, there is no credit history check required to get approved. These types of payday loans can be paid back quicker than your usual personal loan.

So you might repay it when you recieve your next income payment from your employer for smaller amounts. As an alternative, you might spread the repayments out over a couple of weeks. You could even make repayments over a few months if you have chosen larger loan amounts. Also, once we’ve reviewed your application we are able to make an instant decision.

That means we can let you know if you have been approved quickly!

Which payday loans are the best for bad credit?

No credit check loans are a lending option to consider if you have a bad credit rating. They allow you to apply for a loan with approval criteria that don’t take into account your credit rating.

How to get a payday loan without a check

You are more likely to be approved for a payday loan without a credit check if you:

1: Choose a small loan amount under $500, as this is less risky for lenders to approve
2: Can show regular income from your employer paid into your bank account
3: Have income vs. expenses in your bank account showing that the repayments would be affordable for you
4: Correctly fill in your application, and provide all the required documents 

How to get a quick loan with no credit check

You can increase how quickly your no credit check loan is approved if you:

1: Choose a small loan amount between $100 and $500, as this is easier for lenders to approve
2: Have your online banking login ready for the online bank verification
3: Get all of your identification documents ready to attach before starting the application process
4: Ensure your contact details are correct, including phone number and email, so that lender communication (including approval status and next steps) can be received quickly
5: Use our repayment calculator before applying, and be confident that you can afford the repayments

instant approval loans need cash today

Have you been searching for cash loans online? Would you like to borrow an amount that is between $100 and $500?

If you have been looking for easy loans, with fast approval, no credit check, and you need money paid to you today, we can help!

Moreover, applying is so simple. It takes just a few minutes. So, if you want:

  1. No credit check loans approved today
  2. A loan without lots of paperwork
  3. Cash paid today

Then an easy payday loan could be just what you have been searching for.

Our fast loan approval process gets you an answer in just hours, not days. As a result, borrowing up to $500 is much simpler than you might think. So it’s ideal for when you want quick approval, need cash fast, and don’t want complicated and time consuming forms to fill out.

Who we are

Cash Today have a long history of helping out Australians with lending solutions since 2006. Above all, we offer a proven track record with 15+ years of reliability, and putting our customers first. So, we have positive reviews, we get great feedback, and we can be there for you when you need it most.

We understand that you are an individual. That’s why our team of real people will carefully review your application, and work with you to get the best result. Above all, there is simply nothing we enjoy more than helping out an Aussie in need. When short term liquidity is stopping you from achieving your goals, you can count on us to do our best to lend you a hand.

How we work

We offer lending choices to help you borrow up to $500 quickly and with ease. Plus, we also have options for larger loan amounts of up to $5000 but these may require a credit history check. Here’s how:

1: You decide on the amount between $100 and $500 that you want to borrow. Use our easy repayment calculator below to help you to decide.

2: Next, you jump online and complete our easy application. This takes just a few minutes.

3: Finally, keep an eye on your email inbox and then activate your account by following the simple instructions in our email.

4: You’ll find out if you’ve been approved for your payday loan within just a few hours.

5: Sit back and relax! If you have been approved, your money will be transferred into your bank account that same day.

What do we need from you?

To approve your application, we will need to check that you meet our lending requirements.


You will need to be:

1: An Australian resident

2: Over the age of 18 years old (an adult)

To confirm this, we will ask for a copy of your drivers licence plus a utility bill that shows your current address.


Can you easily pay back the loan amount?

We would never want your repayments to be more than you could manage, and so we check that you will be able to make repayments easily.

To do this, we will simply verify that you have regular income being paid into your bank account via your online banking.

To clarify, income can include payments from your employer, business, or government benefits such as Centrelink payments.

This is all done using a quick and confidential online process where you give us permission to view read-only digital bank statements. No scanning or uploading files required! 

Credit check

Lastly, we will usually perform a credit check. A good credit score makes it fast and easy for us to be confident in approving you.

However, some customers prefer to opt for a no credit check loan. That’s completely fine. We can also work with you in approving your loan without a credit check, as long as we can see that you meet our other lending criteria.