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$500 loans with no credit check required

Make your repayments on time and help improve your credit rating and financial wellness.


  • Competitive rates and fees.
  • Streamlined application process.
  • Commitment to responsible lending.
  • Flexible repayment options.
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Looking for a Way to Get Back on Track Financially?

Cash Today understands that unexpected expenses can arise, throwing your budget off course. That’s why we offer a responsible alternative to payday loans: the Cash Today Second Chance Loan.  This loan is designed to help you manage your current situation while taking a step towards a brighter financial future.

Here’s what makes the Cash Today Second Chance Loan different:

  • Manageable Repayments: Unlike payday loans with short repayment terms that can strain your budget, our Second Chance Loan offers extended terms. This allows you to spread out your repayments comfortably, making it easier to manage alongside your regular expenses.
  • No Credit Check for $500 Loans: We understand that building credit takes time. That’s why we offer approvals for loans up to $500 without a credit check. However, for loans exceeding $500, a credit check will be required.
  • Focus on Your Financial Wellness: We’re committed to helping you improve your financial well-being. By making your repayments on time, you can build a positive repayment history, which can help improve your credit score in the long run.

What You’ll Need to Qualify:

  • Stable Income: To ensure you can comfortably afford repayments, we’ll consider your income stability.
  • Affordable Repayments: We’ll analyze your current income and expenses to see if the loan amount fits comfortably within your budget.
  • Healthy Bank Statements: Your recent bank statements (typically 90 days) will help us assess your financial situation and ensure there are no disqualifying factors.

Take Control of Your Finances Today

If you’re looking for a responsible way to manage an unexpected expense and potentially improve your credit score, the Cash Today Second Chance Loan might be the right solution for you.  Visit our Help Centre to find out more and check your eligibility.


Fees & charges

We believe in upfront and transparent fees. The fees associated with a SACC loan are a 20% establishment fee and a 4% per month fee based on the loan amount and duration of the loan term. The term of the loan is between 16 days and 12 months.


Example second chance loan:

Loan amount:
Loan term: 6 months

Fee type Percentage/amount Total cost
Establishment fee 20% $100
Monthly fee 4% $20/month


Let’s Break it Down:

Here’s an example of what the fees would look like for a $500 loan over 6 months:

  • Loan amount: $500
  • Establishment Fee (20%): $100
  • Monthly Fee (4% per month): $20/month x 6 months = $120
  • Total Cost of Loan (excluding repayments): $220
  • Total Cost of the Loan (including repayments): $720
  • Monthly repayment (Est.)*: $720 (total) / 6 months (term) = $120 per month

Information about calculating the total monthly repayment, including loan amount and fees, can be found in our Help Centre.


See How Loan Terms Affect Your Repayment: Cash Today Second Chance Loan ($500)


Loan term Monthly fee Total monthly fee Establishment fee (20%) Total cost of loan Monthly repayment (Est.)*
1 Month $20 $20 $100 $120 $620
3 Months $20 $60 $100 $160 $220
6 Months $20 $120 $100 $220 $120
9 Months $20 $180 $100 $280 $86.66
12 Months $20 $240 $100 $340 $70+


*Please note that the figures shown are indicative only may not reflect the exact repayment amount you’ll be offered. This is because rounding may occur during calculations, repayments may be structured as weekly or fortnightly installments instead of monthly, and additional fees (e.g., late payment fees) are not included here.


How it works

Step 1: Find the Right Loan Term for Your Financial Wellbeing

  • Think about the repayment period that best suits your financial situation.
  • Ensure the total loan cost is manageable for your budget.


Step 2: Check Your Bank Statements (No Surprises!)

  • To ensure a smooth application process, we’ll need to look at your recent bank statements (90 days) to check for anything that might prevent you from getting approved.
  • Before you apply, it would be a good idea to check through your bank statements to ensure there are no disqualifying factors which would result in automatic disapproval of your application.


Step 3: Complete your application  

  • Provide your details and select the loan amount and reason
  • Authorise a read-only 90 day bank statement verification 
  • Receive your provisional approval decision (within 60 seconds) 
  • Review the loan terms & accept lender offer – either on screen or via email 
  • Final lender assessment – if your bank statements display are healthy you can be approved without a credit check. If your bank statements display questionable transactions or it is unclear that repayments will be comfortably affordable you may be receive a lender request to approve a credit check.   
  • Same day payment is processed for approved loan offers accepted before 2 pm AEST


Step 4: Make your repayments on time 

Building a positive repayment history with Cash Today can help you improve your credit score in the long run. We offer flexible repayment options to make managing your loan convenient and maximise your chances of making your repayments on time.

If you are having difficulty making your payments make contact with the lending team as there are options available for working with you to ensure that your credit score is not affected and you can avoid paying late fees.