Payday loans for unemployed

Can I get a payday loan if I’m unemployed?

Self-employed/sole traders/ABN

If you are not classified as employed because you own your own business, work as a subcontractor or under an ABN, or are self-employed you can apply for a payday loan. 

To be approved we would require 3 months of bank statements showing regular income paid into your bank account. We would also need to see that your expenses are not too high, compared to your income. It is important that you meet our lending criteria, which includes being able to afford repayments, and other checks. 

What if I don’t have full-time employment, but do have part-time/casual employment?

Let’s say that your regular living expenses are quite low. Perhaps you live with family and rent/board is minimal, and you saved up and bought your car outright instead of getting a loan. If you have a history of regular income through part-time or regular casual employment, and we can see you have low expenses, you may be approved for a loan. 

You would need to meet all of our other lending criteria. The most important factor is that we can see that you could easily afford to repay the loan amount. 

What if I am receiving income via Centrelink, pension, or other Centrelink payments?

If you have regular income from an employer, plus supplementary income from the Australian government, you may be approved for a payday loan. 

Find out more and see what your chances of being approved are here. 

If I’m unemployed and only receiving income from benefits can I get a payday loan?

There is a low chance you would be approved for a payday loan with Centrelink, pension, or other benefits as your only income. 

We recommend seeking out alternatives options for short term cashflow problems.