Travel on a Budget

Do you have a holiday booked? Are you wondering if it’s possible to still stick to a reasonable budget when you are out of the country? Here we discuss strategies for staying on track with your spending while on vacation, and still having an incredible time!

Booking engines aren’t always the best price

Many online travel agents or booking engines will offer prices for accommodation that appear to offer the best price for accommodation stay rates. In some cases, you might find that you can secure a better stay rate by contacting the hotel or resort directly and asking if they can offer you a better price. If not, they may be able to offer additional inclusions (like free breakfast, unlimited WiFi, late checkout) that can save you cash or make your stay more enjoyable.

Budgeting for dining

Eating out at restaurants when you are travelling is convenient, and enjoyable. You can sample local traditional dishes, enjoy the culture, and then be on your way. Depending on your holiday destination, dining out for every meal can add up quickly when it comes to expenses. If you are trying to stay on budget, then carefully selecting which meals include dining at restaurants, and which can be packed ahead of time or prepared by yourself, can help reduce costs. 

Stopping for groceries so that you can prepare meals like breakfast, or convenient and packable snacks for mid meals or lunches can be helpful. Airport food can be more costly, and while you may find that grabbing a meal at the airport seems like an easy option, your taxi driver could know of a great place nearby at half the price. Ask the locals about the best spots to dine, and enjoy splurging at those truly exceptional restaurants. 

Plan for discounts ahead of time

If there are experiences that you want to take part in, such as visiting theme parks, going on tours, bungee jumping, visits to a spa, going on a safari, taking classes, or visiting museums, you might be able to get a better rate when you pre-purchase tickets.

Often discount codes will be offered up via social media pages, or for email subscribers. Keep an eye out for special promotions in the months leading up to your trip and see if you can get more bang for your buck. More savings could mean more cash to play with while you are away.

Choose cheaper transport

Catching a bus with a bunch of other travellers can be much more economical than catching a taxi. Many countries have taxi drivers that expect you to bargain with them on fares, read up beforehand on what you can expect to pay for a trip and you’ll be well prepared for negotiating. Choose to walk if it’s only a short distance and it’s safe to do so.

Currency exchange

You may get different conversion rates for your Australian money based on where you go. Airports might be just fine, or you may need to look to exchange your currency externally. Often the hotel you are staying at can help you with information on the best places to go to get the best conversion rates. 

You might choose to convert a small amount of currency at the airport to get you started, and then a larger amount elsewhere where the conversion rates are more in your favour.

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By choosing to follow some of these tips, you can travel for less, and still make the very most of your holiday!