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As a responsible lender and lending referrer, we aim to offer our readers clear and accurate information. We aim to provide articles and resources to help customers make a lending decision that is best for them and doesn’t lead to undue financial stress. 

Understanding the different types of short-term and personal loans and deciding on a lender can be overwhelming.

Our editorial team work to simplify and clarify:

  • The different types of short-term loans available and their fee structures
  • What to expect and how to choose a loan amount right for you and your individual circumstances
  • Understanding the total cost of a loan, estimated repayment amounts and schedule, and the likelihood of being approved for a loan
  • The best types of loans to consider in special circumstances, such as:
    • Applicants with a bad credit rating or who would like a no credit check loan
    • Centrelink income or other government benefits
    • Applicants with part-time employment
    • Emergencies where cash needs to be paid quickly, such as that same day
steve stemp

Steve Stemp

Steve is a financial expert with over 30 years of experience in the industry, and he is the director of Swift Financial Services. Steve is involved in many lending areas and specialises in matching applicants with lenders that offer the best loan product to suit their requirements. He writes articles for a range of businesses in the industry, guest speaking, including the Australian Business Investors podcast.

Steve acts as part of our editorial team, focusing on articles aligning with the criteria for responsible lending, and that the information provided is helpful for applicants enabling them to make more informed decisions about loan products.

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Casey Rowan

Casey is a data analyst and has worked in the financial industry for over 15 years, and specialises in understanding the criteria for responsible lending and the requirements of credit providers.

She has a comprehensive knowledge base when it comes to assessing an applicant’s financial position and determining the affordability of a loan to make an approval decision.

Her role in our editorial team is to ensure that information is accurate and that readers better understand the factors a lender will consider for approving a loan and potential options that may increase the likelihood of loan approval.


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