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Lease/hire expense loans as an alternative to buying items


Leasing or hiring equipment, vehicles, electronics, or other items can be a great way to access the things you need without committing to a large upfront cost. However, it can still require a significant amount of money to cover the ongoing lease or rental payments. This is where loans for lease or hire expenses can be incredibly helpful.

Updated by Steve Stemp on 1/7/23

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Business Expenses

As a business owner, you may need to lease or hire equipment, vehicles, or other items to run your operations. This can include everything from heavy machinery to office furniture. A loan for lease or hire expenses can provide the cash flow you need to secure these items and keep your business running smoothly.

Moving Expenses

If you’re moving house or relocating your business, you may need to hire a moving truck or equipment to get the job done. A loan for lease or hire expenses can help cover these costs and ensure that your move goes smoothly.

Seasonal Expenses

Some businesses experience seasonal fluctuations in demand that require them to lease or hire additional equipment, vehicles, or other items. A loan for lease or hire expenses can help you access the things you need during your peak season, without leaving you with a financial burden during your slower months.

Equipment Upgrades

If you need to upgrade your equipment or technology, leasing or hiring can be a cost-effective solution. A loan for lease or hire expenses can help you cover the costs of the upgrade and ensure that you’re always working with the latest and greatest tools.

Special Events

Weddings, parties, and other special events can require additional equipment, such as sound systems, lighting, or seating. A loan for lease or hire expenses can help you cover these costs and make your event a success.


If you need a loan for lease or hire expenses, consider applying for one via Cash Today. Our fast and easy application process can help you get the cash you need to secure the items you need to lease or hire.


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