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Applying for a payday loan is easy and quick. In less than 5 minutes you can apply for a Cash Today payday loan amount up to $5000.


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Once your application is submitted, our team can approve your payday loan quickly. You’ll get a decision within hours instead of days.

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Once you’ve been approved we will deposit the money into your bank account the same evening if your application was made before 2pm.

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Like thousands of others since 2006, you can count on Cash Today for speedy funds to help out with an emergency, unexpected bill, or opportunity you just can’t miss!

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Searching for a fast and easy loan with a super simple online application process plus quick approval? Consider a Cash Today payday loan. We offer completely transparent fee structures, flexible options for making repayments, and even better – same day approvals! Our terms and conditions are easy to understand, and there are simply no surprises in store when you choose to apply with us.

We have happily serviced thousands of satisfied customers since 2006, so you know that you can count on Cash Today to make it easy for you and get you money when you need it quickly. Applying couldn’t be simpler! In just a moments you can complete the loan application foramount up to $5000, via your phone, desktop computer, or tablet. No need to fill out complicated paperwork or pages and pages of tricky forms. We provide all the info you need to make a informed decision that suits you.

There’s a great reason that Cash Today has been a lender of choice for easy payday loans for 100’s of return customers every year. You simply get real service from real people. We get that you are more than just your credit rating, and we can help you get money fast by taking into account all of the variables contributing to your financial situation.

If you’ve been hit with an unexpected bill, need emergency funds that you weren’t planning for, or have discovered an opportunity that you just can’t let pass you by, a fast and easy online loan from Cash Today can get you the money you need right when you need it.

FAQ: Easy Payday Loans with Online Approval from Cash Today

How do you make applying for payday loans easy?

We know that you don’t have the time or energy to spend filling out complicated and overly detailed application forms, and trying to upload supporting documents. We understand that if you are searching for an easy loan, that a fast turnaround time for approval is important. 

That’s why we have set up our applications to be completed in a completely online format. You fill out a short application, we verify your regular income online, and you’ll receive a response detailing your approval status within hours, with payments made to you the same day if you’ve been approved and your application was submitted before 2pm AEST.

How do you verify my income online?

Technology can be a wonderful thing, and these days we can access your bank statements in a read only format online through your netbank. If you give approval for this as part of the application process, it takes just seconds for us to receive copies for the last 90 days of bank transactions that we can use to make our approval decision. 

Being able to see that you have regular income being paid into your bank account, and that repayments would be affordable for you are part of our lending criteria. Luckily it’s never been easier to get the information we need. 

No more downloading bank statements as a PDF, and then trying to attach it to your application!

Do you need to check my credit rating?

We get it. You’ve had an unexpected expense come up, but you don’t want a credit rating search recorded in your credit history. We can work with you to approve your easy online application without a credit check if that’s what you would prefer.

We love to offer exceptional service to our customers, and so if we can see that you meet our lending criteria otherwise, we may be able to offer you a lending solution regardless of credit history.

Are your loans online?

Absolutely. There’s nothing worse than having to print off forms, fill them out, scan them, compress them so that you can attach them… nobody has the time for this!

We’ve made applying for a payday loan easier than ever with a completely online application process – applying, getting your approval decision, and getting paid via direct deposit into your bank account are all online. 

Guaranteed payday loans no matter what in Australia?

We are proud of our reputation as a reliable lender. If you’ve been approved for a Cash Today payday loan we guarantee you will be paid your money fast. If you made your application before 2pm AEST, the money will be electronically deposited into your account that same evening.