Frequently Asked Payday Loan Questions

Need a payday loan to take care of that emergency, that unforeseen bill or just to reward yourself?

A payday loan (also called a payday advance) is a short-term loan secured by your paycheck. We broker a loan for you and you pay us back by Direct Debit from your Bank account on the payday you designate.

Cashtoday does not offer to renew or refinance loans.

We understand that people do, with all the best intent in the world, have problems meeting their repayments. The key thing is that you speak with us and let us know what the problem is. If this is the case, we will work with you to help you meet your obligations without additional financial stress. If you do miss a payment or your direct debit fails, you may incur the following fees, click here.

If you choose to ignore your obligations and refuse to either make a payment or discuss the issue with us we have the right to take further action which could include registering a default on your credit file, passing your information to a specialist debt collection agency and/or legal action.

It's easy! Register here and follow the instructions. (Apply now!).

You will be advised if any additional documents are required once your application is recieved.

You must have been in your current job for at least four consecutive months. In addition, you must have a valid Bank account that has been open for at least three months.

Anytime! If you are a new customer, simply fill out the application and follow the directions. If you are an existing customer, you can login to your account and click "Apply For New Loan."

If you apply by 2:00 PM, The funds will appear in your account the next business day. Your bank may require an extra day to make the funds available in your account.

Direct funds transfer. The money is directly deposited into your nominated bank account.

We make a direct withdrawal from your bank account on your agreed repayment dates. We only withdraw the amount that was authorized in your loan contract. If you pay off this loan early you will not incur a early payout penalty.

We'll work with you, provided you contact us as soon as you know that there's a problem. If you contact us before the due date, we can make arrangements to change the repayment date until your next payday. You will incur additional fees for this which are listed in the loan documents that you will sign. If we attempt to withdraw funds and your direct debit dishonours , you will incur a fee of $40. By staying current with your original loan, you limit any additional charges or collection fees applied to your account.

No. We must have the full amount collected before we can issue another loan. Besides protecting us, this policy also helps you avoid getting overextended.

We require you to show us the last 3 months of bank statements to show us your income.

We require you to show us the last 3 months of bank statements to show us your income.

No, we do not provide automatic renewals of loans.