School holidays are both a great break for your family, and a possible source of budget blowouts. Mornings are much more flexible with no rushes to make school drop off times, pack lunches, and manage after school sports and homework.

On the flip side you need to keep the kids occupied, and spend quality time with them. So how do you make sure your family have a great school holiday break without also breaking the bank?

Embrace free or low cost transport

Getting on bikes and riding to the beach. Hiking through mountain trails to visit a fantastic picnic spot. Putting the kids on scooters and go for a jog. You can save on fuel as well as wear them out when you get creative with ways to get around your local area (or holiday destination) so that they journey is just as much of an adventure as the destination.

Kid swap

A play date at a friends place could be really exciting for your little ones. Their friends have different toys, books, activities and yards to explore. Repay the favour by having their friends over to your place one day, and they can keep each other entertained without so much input from you!

Hunt down school holiday bargains

Many places offer special discounts for school holiday activities. You might be able to get family rates, or even take advantage of many of the free activities on offer by local shopping centres, parks, council venues, or libraries.

Make the everyday extraordinary

Sheets and chairs can become a treasure hunters tent on a cliff face.  Craft glitter can become magical fairy dusting granting wishes. The garden can become a deep dark forest. A pair of tree can become goalposts in a match between worlds. Making lunch can become a creative process for aspiring artists.

Think back on your own childhood… was it the time your parents spent money on you that you remember? Or was it the time they became kids themselves, got down in the mud with you and got goofy. Became just as immersed in an imaginary world as you did.

A little out of the box thinking could make this the best school holidays so far, and it doesn’t need to blow your budget for that to happen. We would love to hear your best tips for budget friendly entertainment!

Need extra help with your budget? Check out the ASIS Moneysmart Budget guide here.


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