Wondering how to give your personal savings a bit of a boost?

It might be that you are saving for something in particular, or just getting together an emergency fund for those unexpected bills that come up. Nothing feels better than being able to pay a bill as soon as it arrives and knowing you aren’t getting stuck forking out extra for a late fee. Whatever your reason, here are a few easy ways to save extra this week.

Make your coffee at home

If you walk past the cafe every morning on your way to work, the smell of freshly ground coffee beans and baked goodies can be hard to pass by. The problem is, you are forking out between $3-5 on average for a single cup… if this is a daily purchase, you could save yourself up to $25 a week if you just walk on by instead.

Coffee that you make at home is far less expensive, and you can bring a travel mug with you so that you’re already sipping on a steaming hot and absolutely delicious beverage as you make your way past the coffee shop, and it’s not just the caffeine that’s giving you that extra bounce in your step. $25 a week in extra savings over a year? You’ve got a nice sum of $1,300 sitting in your bank account. You could get a pretty decent home barista setup with that!

Sunday Funday

A few hours on a Sunday afternoon spent preparing some meals and snacks for the week in bulk is not only convenient, healthier than takeaway, but also costs a lot less overall than eating out every day. Plenty of baked goodies can be frozen, and these be consumed over a couple of weeks.

If you want to take it to the next level, make from scratch some of the items that you would pay a higher price for simply for convenience sake. The yoghurt/fruit puree squeezable pouches that the kids go through like crazy? Get some inexpensive reusable pouches and you’re not only helping reduce your contribution to landfill, but for the price of 1-2 of these in the supermarket you can get a whole weeks worth for the same cost. Home yoghurt makers are fantastic, but even buying a larger tub of yoghurt and then transferring it over can cut costs.

Same goes with making your own bread- you can have fresh, delicious grainy bread, fruit bread, rolls for less than a dollar when you make it yourself. Gluten free products are notoriously expensive, and cutting costs this way can be a real budgeting life saver.

How are you travelling?

Ride your bike. Walk. Carpool. Catch the bus. Get on your scooter. All of these methods can help you save money spent on fuel for your car, and in the long run you’ll get more time out of your tyres, plus you’ll be fitter and healthier. A little planning can also go a long way. Are you the type that ducks into the shops 2-3 (or more) times a week to just pick up a few things? Getting together a grocery list and doing one weekly shop, and then pairing this with any other errands that need to be run around the area can also make a big difference.

Need extra help with your budget? Check out the ASIS Moneysmart Budget guide here.


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