The Easter Holidays are just around the corner, and that being said, school holidays don’t necessarily have to cost us a fortune to keep the kids occupied and give parents a bit of a breather.

1. Local community events

Joining free or low-cost local community events could be some of the best activities to opt for if you’re looking for fun without spending huge amounts of money.

2. Create your own easter treats

Creating your own easter treats instead of buying from the store is another way to cut costs. With the help of social media and online communities, you can research for tips and guides on how to be crafty with your own easter treats.

3. Being crafty is the new trend

Who said you always have to purchase new decorations every year? Using your imagination and being crafty nowadays not only keeps the kids occupied, but comes at a fraction of the cost. Work with the kids in brainstorming designs and craft decor will also provide a great family bonding.

4. Get out in nature

Many families get caught up in planning activities for the kids but forget that nature can be the greatest playground. A short mountain hike within the local area costs nothing while offering a stunning view. A trip to the beach nearby for swimming, sandcastles, and a picnic lunch would go down a treat.  A walk by the shore also gives a relaxing sunset view perfect for every family.

5. Cook or bake with kids at home

Lastly, having fun while in the comfort of your own home can be some of the best holiday memories you can make, and cooking or baking with your family is a great choice. Instead of ordering pricey food from your favourite restaurants, why not let your kids discover the fun in doing it themselves. There are so many recipes made especially for the Easter Holidays that are waiting for you!

If you follow these 5 ways to save during the Easter School Holidays, not only will you spare your bank balance, but you will also have your kids get some amazing learning experiences at the same time. Enjoy!


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